03 September 2010

5:50 am

six ducks flew silently overhead
while the sky turned from pale orange
to pink tinged with crystalline blue
before becoming completely gray

for moments there were no sounds
disturbing the early morning peace

one car, then two drove by
the crows began squawking
a cardinal called out
recyclables clinked to the curb

morning was broken

Go check out what's happening over at the G-Man's Friday Flash 55.


  1. I can smell the coffee...
    Two cremes please!
    Loved your 55 Cheryl...
    Thank you for this wonderfully descriptive little Gem.
    Thank you for playing, Thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End...G

  2. wat a great poem into to the build up of morning was broken.

  3. and the world came alive...nice capture cheryl...makes for a great 55...

  4. There a lot of dawn happening around 55-Land this morning. Beautiful, Cheryl.

  5. inviting and delicious 55.
    your cooking of 55 is perfect!

  6. excellent 55 at time 5:50!

    nice images too, i wouldn't know what it looks like at that time of day, thanks for cluing me in!

  7. Yes, very nice imagery. You really captured that moment right before morning comes. Great job!

  8. ahhh, but I love those quiet moments!

  9. This is like a 55-word haiku!

    Very nice, Cheryl!

  10. what a wonderful picture you painted at 5:50 am.. nice timing!!

  11. loved the colours - the visuals and after a moment's pause for awe, sound, breaking the morning

    clever and awesome, your 55!

  12. I love "recyclables clinked to the curb".

  13. oh cheryl -i loved your 55 cause you described this morning so well.
    I also love mornings - and usually i go by bike to work and leave at 5h40 in the morning - and i just love to ride my bike for this lonely hour, watch the fog on the meadows - enjoy the quietness and when i arrive at my workplace i feel like i had a holiday...

  14. oh - and thanks for your nice comment on my new blog layout - changed it just this afternoon and also thought it fits well with the sparkling on black velvet…
    have a great weekend!

  15. Oh what a lovely vision of the start to the day. Your words conjure up perfect images. Just lovely.

  16. That's exactly the time our alarm goes off and it's exactly how it happens. Great 55!

  17. delicious one cheryl....

    --Someone Is Special--

  18. You never think of this until you read about it. So true. Nothing better to start the morning than with sounds like that. Even the recyclables :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

  19. My absolute favourite 55 this week, Cheryl. This grabbed me and pulled me right in. Beautiful.

  20. I felt like I was there. what a great snapshot of the day.

  21. I had a ZEN moment, words strung together correctly can have amazing power over our thoughts.

    Lovely 55er,

    have a nice week end ,


  22. I have to write a poem for my blog! You are inspiring me to have a go, but also setting a high standard to follow. Love this. You write with precision and expression!

  23. You are such an artistically talented gal, Cheryl! You should think of pairing photos with poetry and going to shutterfly or one of the other book sites and self publishing.

  24. Very evocative. I loved having to sit still to really hear this poem completely. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I like the clinking of the recyclables, Cheryl. Well, the whole poem.

    Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning.
    Praise for them springing, fresh from the word.

    One of my favorite songs ever. :)


  26. Fantastic 55 for the breaking dawn.